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The Art Studios is a community mental health recovery program operated by Lookout Housing

and Health Society. Currently this program is not funded for clinical staff

such as occupational therapists or psychiatrists and we require individuals to have

professional ongoing support in place. (see below)

Primary Care Support

We currently accept primary referrals from:

  • Physicians

  • Nurse Practitioners

  • Psychiatrists

Secondary Care Support

Individuals and organizations that may refer include:

  • Mental Health & Addictions Services

  • Public health nurse

  • Home care nurse

  • Social worker

  • Case manager

  • Psychologist

  • Counsellor

Who can provide an assessment?

Eligibility Criteria:

We ask care providers to be familiar with our eligibility criteria listed here:

Who Is Eligible?

As our beginner classes are 10 weeks, we ask that participants attend all sessions or min. 80% in order to complete the session.  Particpants who are unable to commit to our minimum, will be asked to retake a class to ensure instruction is not missed.

Care Provider Assessment

Clients may self-refer or have a support worker assist in registering for Orientation.

Once a client registers for Orientation you will be contacted and required to submit an Assessment Form 

We require clients to have on-going support while attending our program.  

If we have further questions about the assessment form we will be in touch.

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