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Spring Registration Info

​Our Spring/Summer semester will run from May 3 - July 25, 2023

Open to Returning Participants who have attended between June 2020 - April 2023

New Applicants are currently closed and we do not maintain a waitlist. 

More information here

Registration will open at noon (12:00) on Monday April 17th

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It is exciting that we are able to offer Open Studio once again in our new space.

Open Studio has pre-requisites to apply

About Open Studio:

  • Registration is required (per semester)

      Our Studio is "open concept" which means both painting and pottery will be engaged at the same time - please be prepared for noise (and lots of fun too!)

  • If you register for Open Studio (morning or afternoon) this counts as your 1 session max.

  • If you are unable to make a session - please call 48 hrs ahead if possible so we can add someone from the waitlist

  • We currently have one washroom in our space (wheelchair accessible) so please be aware of this.

  • During Pottery Open studio there may be clay dust.  We have 4 HEPA Air filters in our studio to take care of this concern.  

  • No FOOD or DRINK will be allowed in the pottery studio. 

  • Orientation to the space and functions is required.

  • Mentors - please remember our mentors work hard to help you enjoy your studio time and are there to answer questions and provide guidance.

  • Clean Up - every participant in Open Studio is encouraged to help with cleanup to keep our studio clean and tools in good shape for everyone.  

  • Supplies - We have a limited budget and strive to keep Open Studio free of charge. Please keep this in mind when using all supplies.  Supply limits will be set per medium.

  • Pottery - participants may use our recycled clay available at the studio (2lb limit). Any request for outside clay/glazes will need to be pre-approved.  We will not fire any outside pottery.  We are not a production studio, please only fire what you love.    

  • Equipment - Pottery wheel, printing press, slab roller, extruder - requires previous training or workshop completion and experience

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