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Registration Info

Who Can Register?

  1. Returning Art Studio Member or Alumni-**Now called 'Participant'  Registration open per semester. Register HERE

  2. New Applicants - may apply 3x during year (before each semester).  Orientation is a requirement to be accepted to our program.  More  information HERE

Covid Protocols

Fall 2022

Masking is optional in our space.  Please continue to follow our guidelines and not attend if you are unwell or experiencing any symptoms of Covid.

Regular sanitizing will continue in individual work stations.


Intermediate Class 

*Previous completion of  beginner session required

Open Studio

​*Beginner Class completion and eligibility for Open Studio is a requirement before one can register.

Note: New applicants and current beginner students may be approved by instructor at end of class if criteria is met.

More Information

One session max. per person This applies to Open Studio & Classes (only 1 session am or pm).  

Online Class Wait List

Wait lists will be added once a session is FULL per semester.  Those students who are NOT ALREADY confirmed in a class may register. You will be called if a space becomes available.

Participant Expectations

All participants are required to acknowledge & agree to our Participation Guidelines 

Regular Attendance

* We encourage all participants to arrive for class on time  and clean up early.  

* Participants must call ahead if they must cancel or will be late. 

Open Studio

Registration is Now Required for Open Studio (per semester). 

Our Studio is "open concept" which means both painting & pottery will be engaged at the same time - please be prepared for noise (and lots of fun too!)

If you register for Open Studio this counts as your 1 session max.

Pottery - We have 4 HEPA Air filters in our studio to eliminate clay dust & allergens

No FOOD or DRINK will be allowed in the pottery studio

Orientation to the space and functions is required.

Mentors - are there to answer questions and provide guidance.

Clean Up - every participant in Open Studio is encouraged to help with cleanup to keep our studio clean and tools in good shape for everyone.  

Supplies - We have a limited budget and strive to keep Open Studio free of charge. Supply limits will be set per medium.

Pottery - participants may use our recycled clay available at the studio (2lb limit).   We will not fire any outside pottery.  We are not a production studio, please only fire what you love.  Equipment - Pottery wheel, printing press, slab roller, extruder - requires previous training or workshop completion and experience

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