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*WAITLIST *Interm. Pottery O.S.

Monday Evening 4:30 - 7:30pm *Please Read Info

  • The Art Studios

Class Info:

Mentor: Rachel W-G Runs Sept 11 - Nov. 27 (No Session Oct. 9th) *Supply Fee - $5 per visit (or pay total $55 / 11 sessions). SORRY NO REFUNDS AVAILABLE FOR CANCELLATIONS *This INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Open Studio is open to RETURNING Participants who have previously completed an Intermediate Level Pottery Class and are eligible for Open Studio. Note - participants are expected to work independently and not require instruction. Mentors are available for questions or guidance. *Each participant may register for ONE open studio time slot per session. Eligible participants can join the waitlist if registration is full. *Open ONLY to RETURNING participants who have completed a minimum of 1 full semester between June 2020 - July 2023.

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