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Art Therapy Group (w/ Coco & Steph)

Thursdays 10am - 12:00pm 8 weeks

  • The Art Studios

Class Info:

8 week group led by VATI Practicum Student Coco & Steph "Cultivating Creativity, Curiosity, and Connection" Program Overview: Over the course of 8 weeks, participants will explore various breathing techniques to bring themselves to the present moment and feel grounded. This series encourages us to work intuitively by choosing colours freely, experimenting with self expression through different shapes and lines, mindfully drawing patterns, and learning about using art making as a self-care modality to help us find our anchor and understand that we are more than our thoughts and emotions. Each week an affirmation will be introduced to help shape the session. Affirmations are like receiving warm hugs from ourselves; practicing positive self-talk can allow us to build confidence, self-worth, and a growth mindset, which can help us navigate and cope with difficult challenges in life. Skills we'll practice: Grounding techniques, Breathing exercises, mark making, intuitive art making, affirmation, collage/vision boarding.

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