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Ceramic Therapy Group

Wednesdays 10:00 - 12:00pm

  • The Art Studios

Class Info:

Delve into the tactile world of clay, engaging and uniting the senses in an enriching bodily encounter. This group is an invitation to delight in the ooey-gooey, the messy, and the muddy aspects of life. This is also an opportunity to slow down, to practice relaxing control, and embracing imperfection. I invite you to let the medium draw you out of your head and into your body for a holistic art experience! During this 8-week exploration lead by Caelan, a VATI practicum student, participants will become familiar with foundational pottery techniques and create 3-D ceramic sculptures engaging with themes of internal/external identity, and containment/release of emotion. We will begin with simple, structured projects with the option to branch out into self-directed work.

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